RiSoTriene is the Super-Food discovery for the 21st century.

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RiSoTriene is made from 100% organically grown  rice.

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  RiSoTriene is a natural super food made entirely from rice. Using proprietary specialized processing, rice germ and bran are separated from the starch portion of rice... and stabilized... and further separated into the soluble portion only. The result is the ultimate superfood. Your body has never known nutrition like RiSoTriene before! RiSoTriene nutrients flow through your body moments after they are ingested to begin the regeneration of your health.

    RiSoTriene is truly a super food. It comes in a granulated powder form, and is the most nutrient-dense and truly natural food complex available today. (It contains no added isolated nutrients.) The only ingredient is rice. In a coming day, RiSoTriene will be widely heralded as a true breakthrough discovery in food nutrition.

"It takes 300 lbs of rice or 30 lbs. of rice bran and germ to make one canister of RiSoTriene. But, because it is uncooked, you would have to eat 15 bushels of cooked brown rice to equal the nutritional value in two tablespoons of RiSoTriene".

For optimum health, we all should consume
one tablespoon of RiSoTriene

four times a day.

  • It is a paradox that in a country that spends more per capita on vitamins than any other country in the world, Americans rank among the unhealthiest people in all the world.

  • The reason that we are so unhealthy is that we mostly eat nutrient-free calorie-rich foods... adding vitamin isolate supplements (in the false hope that they will give us the nutrition we need).

  • Synthetic isolates of vitamins, antioxidants and chelated minerals are far inferior to RiSoTriene, in fact, they are unbalanced and unnatural, meaning the body has to autolyze itself to utilize these isolated vitamins.

What are some characteristics of this perfect food?
  • It is a natural food product containing ALL supportive nutrients that nature placed there (for instance all B-Vitamins, not just the ones that man can synthesize).

  • It is a non-gluten food with a low allergic potential (1/5 the allergic potential of gluten grains like wheat, oats, or barley).  Gluten grains can cause problems such as nutrient mal-absorption, indigestion and fatigue.  Gluten sensitivity is also implicated in conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS), juvenile diabetes, celiac disease, myasthenia gravis, lupus, Graves' disease (hyperthyroidism), and others .  Even Down Syndrome, a congenital form of mental retardation, has been linked to gluten sensitivity.

  • It is easily digested and absorbed by the body, even in people with impaired digestion.

  • It contains vitamins and minerals from a natural food source.

  • It is nutrient dense--it contains many types of nutrients at a much higher level with a lower calorie count.

  • It contains protein in an easily useable form.

  • It contains essential fatty acids in a pure and useable form.

  • Unlike vitamins, foods can't be regulated out of existence.

RiSoTriene, a soluble concentrate of stabilized rice bran, fulfills all of the above requirements for a Superfood.

How was RiSoTriene discovered?

    It was noticed that in rural areas of India, mothers would often rush to the local rice mill and collect freshly milled rice bran from the discard pile.  These mothers would them immediately prepare a broth or gruel from the bran and feed it to a sick child, who would recover as a result.

    Of course, the rice bran had to be freshly milled because within hours after milling, oxidative changes render the rice bran unfit for human consumption.  An enzyme called lipase combines with the oil in the rice bran, turning the oil rancid.  The result--nutrients are lost and the oil undergoes chemical changes to become toxic.  Forty million metric tons of rice bran are discarded annually worldwide due to rapid development of rancidity.

    Scientists and others have made repeated attempts over the past 50 years to inactivate the lipase and thus stabilize the rice bran, but until very recently a non-chemical working process eluded them.

    A new proprietary extrusion process was finally discovered that disables the lipase enzyme without chemicals or destructive heat. With further filtering out of non-digestible solids, the result is a highly nutritious superfood with a shelf life of a year.


Read Dr. Mark Drucker's discussion of RiSoTriene:
Mark Drucker, M.D., received his medical degree from the University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences.  He is also involved in nutritional and alternative medicine.  Dr. Drucker has been a family physician for twelve years and is currently the Medical Director of the Center for Advanced Medicine in California.

    "As a family physician and the medical director of the Center for Advanced Medicine, I'm in a great position to help patients who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  While most doctors still practice medicine with the goal of just suppressing symptoms (they have accepted the disease as part of their patient), I've tried to take a more holistic approach.  Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said, "Nutrition shall be your medicine."

    At the Center, we use nutritional products to restore the body's biochemical balance, and we draw on the expertise of different specialists, such as chiropractors and massage therapists, to help people feel better.  For a long time we used different combinations of vitamins and minerals, all of which had been synthesized in a laboratory.  What we really wanted to find was a natural food product that could achieve the same or better results for our patients.  RiSoTriene was our answer. 

    At the Center, we first detoxify our patients, because most illness and body imbalances are the result of accumulated toxins and a lack of essential nutrients.  We then replenish the body with the proper nutrients, allowing it to repair, rebuild, and restore itself. 

    When we began using RiSoTriene in our treatments last year, we found that people had more energy when they used this product during detoxification.  Its nutrients are absorbed directly in to the blood stream, bringing fast results.  Patients using RiSoTriene make steady progress - we don't see the periodic plateaus the patients often encounter in other treatment programs.  There are also fewer allergic reactions because it is a natural food with no additives.  We find that it's almost impossible to get these same results from pills and tablets that have so many added chemicals and fillers. 

    RiSoTriene has successfully provided relief for our patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.  Many of them had been sick and in constant pain for years - too ill to work or even get out of bed.  They had looked everywhere for answers, including the Mayo Clinic.  Then they came here, and we helped them make dramatic turnarounds in about three months.  Now they have less pain and more energy.

    With the help of RiSoTriene, we have also been able to stabilize our diabetic patients.  After only two weeks, most are able to reduce their dosages of insulin or oral diabetic medication by fifty percent.  In four weeks, most Type II diabetics are able to discontinue their oral medication entirely.

    RiSoTriene contains nutrients that fit together to solve the nutritional puzzles of patients with both severe and moderate health problems.  Not only does it contain more than seventy different antioxidants, it also has essential fatty acids.  Every membrane in the body requires these fatty acids.  Whenever there is an essential fatty acid deficiency, cell membranes leak and the body can't properly carry out even the most basic functions.  Cells won't work as they should if minerals and other necessities can't permeate their membranes.

    Many of the chronic illnesses that we see are the result of improper membrane function.  A membrane acts like a fence - it keeps your cows and horses separated.  When it's not working right, allergies, high blood pressure, and other problems can get even worse and your general health degenerates.  Essential fatty acids are critically important, yet these are the nutrients people are least likely to have in their diets.  People need the fat found in fish and cold-weather oils such as flax, and sesame oils.

    However, the fat most people eat is not essential fat.  It's commercial hydrogenated fat, the kind in chips, crackers, and fast food, and is like putting diesel fuel in a gasoline engine - it doesn't work.  If people are not ingesting the right kinds of fats, their bodies don't have the ability to convert commercial fat into essential fats like Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9.  Products like RiSoTriene provide these essential fats.

    It's a matter of getting back to basics.  I learned all about nutritional medicine back in medical school, but I'm only beginning to realize its full importance to a person's health.  Today's medical industry is based on a pharmaceutical approach - doctors take the easy way out by giving people drugs.

    If the medical profession would go back to thinking about the nutrients the body needs to function properly, we would all be more careful to incorporate nutrition into our treatments, look at the whole picture of a patient's health, and use nutritional knowledge to help a patient get started on the road to better health.  RiSoTriene improves my patients' health because it is a whole food that contains a symphony of nutrients.  In combination, these nutrients can do much more than any single nutrient can do on its own.  As smart as we are, we still can't recreate in a pill what God has given to us naturally. "

Read Dr. George Kelly's discussion of RiSoTriene

Dr. K. George Kelly is a second generation doctor and has been a chiropractic physician for nearly ten years.  Along with a specialty in chiropractic neurology, he is also board certified in chiropractic internal disorders, which includes extensive training in nutrition and diagnosis of internal disease. Dr. Kelly served for many years as a qualified medical examiner.  He received fellowship from the Forensic Industrial Chiropractic Consultants for his outstanding clinical practices.  He continues to practice chiropractic medicine and serves as a nutritional counselor in southern California.

    "RiSoTriene intrigued me from the beginning.  I couldn't imagine a product that had all the essential fatty acids, amino acids, trace minerals, and over seventy different antioxidants.  After doing some research, I was eager to try it myself.  Within just two weeks, I started seeing impressive results.  I work out on a regular basis, so the improvements I noticed were in my endurance and strength.  Although I had not changed my diet (if anything I had become a bit more careless), I noticed that I was actually leaner.

    Others I know have also noticed a difference with RiSoTriene.  People who weren't really looking to lose weight have lost five to ten pounds on the product and their strength and endurance have improved.  I also found that my cravings for sweets and other snack foods have completely disappeared.  I attribute this benefit to RiSoTriene's stabilizing effects on blood sugar.

    I've found that RiSoTriene is effective not only for athletes and other people who want to improve their strength, but also for people who suffer from irregularity problems and chronic headaches.  After a week or two on RiSoTriene, they are regular and their headaches are gone.

    The most remarkable effects I've seen have been in patients with diabetes.  RiSoTriene can have a profound influence on the stabilization of their blood sugar so that, when they go back to their doctors, in many cases they end up needing less insulin.  I'm not saying this product cures diabetes, but the impact it has on the body's biochemistry is tremendous.  It's not a miracle cure, an herbal product, or a stimulant.  It's a "natural" whole food that gives the body what it needs.

    RiSoTriene consists of perfect chains of essential fatty acids, trace minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, which, because they're in perfect ratio, are absorbed into the body - not as bits and pieces, but as whole organic structures.  These structures then repair different organ systems on the cellular level.  They start working again!

    People in America and around the world face a serious challenge today, finding a dietary food supplement that will give them everything they need.  There are so many supplements available, people often get confused and have no idea what to take.  I believe that RiSoTriene will take care of all of these issues and give people results that they can feel almost immediately.  I believe that everybody should seriously consider taking this product.  

    All diabetics should at least give RiSoTriene a try.  RiSoTriene is having a profound effect on all kinds of people - from those with debilitating diseases to those who want to bring their health to a higher level".


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-As smart as we are, we still can't recreate in a pill what God has given to us naturally...