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RiSoTriene is made from 100% organically grown  rice.
"There is a full scoop of RiSoTriene in every scoop of E7"

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What is Essential 7?

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     "With the help of RiSoTriene and Essential 7, we have also been able to stabilize our diabetic patients.  After only two weeks, most are able to reduce their dosages of insulin or oral diabetic medication by fifty percent.  In four to eight weeks, many Type II diabetics are able to reduce or discontinue their oral medication".  Dr. Mark Drucker M.D.

Iím 65 and have fought the good fight for more than thirty years.  I have been an insulin dependant diabetic for 26 years, have had a five way bypass, my kidney function has been  less than 30%, have been on the kidney dialysis watch list at the VA for over 18 months, chronic high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, painful arthritis in my joints, neuropathy and other health challenges.  After taking the RiSoTriene and Kona Minerals minerals for a few weeks I noticed numerous positive changes.  I now take Essential 7 and after two years my health has dramatically changed.  My daily insulin intake has been reduced from 120 units+ per day to not taking any insulin regularly (my VA doctors say that I no longer have Diabetes); my kidney function is now normal, much to their amazement.  My Cholesterol has dropped over 150 points and my triglycerides over 200 points.  My fingers donít lock up any longer, no neuropathy (numb feet) and my blood pressure is now normal.  Since I have been off of insulin Iíve lost over FIFTY pounds and I am on only one of seven medications that I used to be taking two years ago.  My energy level reminds me of years ago when I could take on the world.  My body easily uses the tools available in these products and they have literally changed my life.   I would be willing to talk to any diabetic personally.  I am in California and can call back in the mornings most of the time.  Jim Fly**


I'm a 34 year old Heating and Air Conditioner contractor. I have an arthritic condition that is very painful. Numerous physicians with various medicines and steroids have treated me and the results were temporary. When I take the RiSoTriene and the Collastin support my pain is reduced and it's helping me get stronger.   My son Connor Fly is 3 1/2 and takes the RiSoTriene either by spoon or in a drink. He loves it and it helps his immune system. Our entire family knows the positive difference when we take this perfect food into our bodies and my Dad is living a longer life thanks to this simple food, we are very grateful.  Vincent Fly**
    I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 5 years ago.  At that time I was totally blind in one eye and almost blind in the other.  Doctors had given me steroids in an attempt to bring my eyesight back but they were not successful.  I refused to do any more drugs and started searching for superior nutritional supplements and discovered RiSoTriene.
    I felt as if I had the flu for about three weeks when initially using it!  I though I was nuts to think a rice bran could help as I had been told, but I was just too cheap to throw it away.  I am glad I didn't because in the fourth week I began to feel better than I had in several years.  The all of the sudden one day my energy returned!  I have used RiSoTriene and Essential Seven for two-and-one-half years now.  The eyesight in the eye that was previously blind was 20/30 last year and 20/25 this year.  I have 20/20 vision with glasses and no MS symptomology.  I was also able to get off the Thyroid medication as it helped me overcome an imbalance that had caused me to lose hair, have cold hands and feet, and gain weight.  I would rather die than give up my RiSoTriene and E7.  Joanne Frazel**

I have diabetes and used to have very high cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  I was so tired all the time that I had to rest ten to twenty minutes every few hours at work.  But that changed when I began to take RiSoTriene.  I had my triglycerides checked after about a month and a half, and they had come down 480 points!  My cholesterol dropped twenty-five points and I thought it was a mistake and had it checked twice.  I still take insulin twice a day, but the RiSoTriene helps my blood sugar level stay stable so I don't feel like I'm on a roller coaster all day.  Now I have a lot more energy and I can go all day without having to rest.
Ruby F.

    My diabetes has been raging out of control for the last three years.  My background in health food has led me to want to find natural solutions to my health problems.  I have owned a health food restaurant, health food store, and the largest cooperative health food warehouse in the country. No matter how many remedies I tried over the last three years - everything from taking vitamins to doing martial arts - I still found that my blood sugar level was too high.   
Right after I started taking RiSoTriene, I noticed  major change in my blood sugar level.  Every day I record my blood sugar reading in a little book, and all of my readings before taking this product were in the 200s to 400s, which is very high.  The day after I took RiSoTriene for the first time, my blood sugar reading was 164!  I've noticed that when I take RiSoTriene faithfully , my blood sugar stays at a more normal level.  It's not that my diabetes has been cured, but for the first time it is under control.  Until RiSoTriene, I hadn't found anything that made a difference. 
Now I've even been able to reduce the amount of insulin I take.  Of course all my friends have been hearing about what a difference this stuff makes.  I've seen such a huge improvement that I am committed to taking RiSoTriene from now on.  The way I see it: no RiSoTriene, no gain.  Sunjata K.
Lucille Deith had a blood test in February 1997, started RiSoTriene at that time, and was retested five months later.  The results: Total cholesterol down 12 points, HDL ("good" cholesterol) up 10, LDL ("bad" cholesterol) down 6, and triglycerides down 80.  Her cholesterol has not been this low in seven years.
     "I believe that everybody should seriously consider taking this product.  All diabetics should at least give RiSoTriene a try.  RiSoTriene is having a profound effect on all kinds of people - from those with debilitating diseases to those who want to bring their health to a higher level". - Dr. George Kelly

    "About 8 months ago I noticed a growth on my forehead.  It appeared to be the beginning of a skin cancer with the classic signs.  I started taking RiSoTriene and increased my daily intake from 2 to 5 tablespoons.  Four weeks later I was scheduled to see my doctor - no need because the growth had completely disappeared!  Other side effects was the pleasure of normalizing my weight from 142 to 126.  The increase in my energy allows me to handle my busy schedule with ease." -  Fran C**
    "My husband and I started on the Life Solubles about six weeks ago.  We have to be honest and say that we did not really expect anything life changing, but we decided to try the product because we are both interested in keeping good health.  After a few weeks, my husband noticed that he had not been experiencing his usual headaches.  He owns a very stressful business and usually takes a minimum of eight aspirin a day.  He is now virtually headache free!  I have also noticed that my body weight does not increase even when I eat more than usual.  This is sure a plus around the holidays when we are all eating more than we should.  The last and most important thing I want to mention is our overall health.  We have not had a cold or flu symptom this season!  Yea! RiSoTriene!" - Scotty and Patty Murphy** 

    My son's name is Dexter, he is 13 yrs. old.  He was born with a rare uncureable condition called Klippel Treaneuay Syndrome, or KT for short.  He has had 2 amputations on his foot.  He has lesions that erupt outside the skin.  They not only bleed very bad, they multiply and take over the good skin.  He would have laser surgery about every 4 - 6 months to try to stop the bleeding and the lesions.  This has been going on for the last 6 yrs. at the Mayo Clinic on Rochester, MN.  The last time he was in for surgery, the doctor told him when he was sick of having surgery, they could cut his foot off.                                                                                   

    Talk about a reality check!  I put my son on a product called RiSoTriene, hoping that he would stay healthier through the winter and if it became necessary to amputate maybe he would recover more quickly.  I NEVER would have guessed what I stumbled onto.  The lesions on his foot not only got better, they went away.  He is healthier and has more energy.  His skin is healthier.  NO MORE SURGERY.  I am not saying that this is a cure, but the amount of help it has given to Dexter makes me shake in excitement that there is hope for those like my son.  I know what it is like living with KT and so does my son.  We also know what it is like to find something that makes a difference and gives hope.  The results cannot be denied, RiSoTriene has helped my son, he is living proof!  Sonya Kube

     "I am so glad to have known about RiSoTriene - it works wonderfully.  I wish everyone would know about it.  I still can't get over how it works for my eyes and my well being in general." - Zina A**

    "I have had a chronic skin problem on my hand that has been treated by many specialists with no success.  I have tried about every ointment and every technique available.  About two weeks after using the RiSoTriene the severe itching stopped and now my skin is like velvet.  I also feel much stronger - it's wonderful!" -     Ruth M.
     "Before RiSoTriene, I had very bad experiences with migraine headaches.  I started having migraines as a small child.  I went to specialists all the time; they told me I would have to take medication for the rest of my life.  It's unspeakable.  There is no explanation except for it's an amazing product.  It cured my headaches in just a few minutes.  I love it!" - C. Tate
    "It has been ten years since I was told I have Lupus.  The doctors have been saying much to me, but really saying nothing.  With every drug they give me, I acquire one or more new problems.  But then RiSoTriene came into my life.  I was skeptical at first.  I had been through this twice before with friends who were sure they could help.  My doctor even said alternative medicine does not work.  He said I would just be throwing my money away.  But my friend kept saying, "You have to try this."  Well I thought, "I've thrown my money away before, maybe I should try this."  My Lupus had pretty much taken over my life and put a big strain on my marriage.  It as supposed to be our time together, but he had to do most of the activities alone.  Not anymore; it's been five weeks since I started with RiSoTriene. RiSoTriene will always be part of my life.  Do yourself a favor and try it." 
D. Opperman
    "At the age of 54, I was beginning to feel tired a lot and had been living in nearly constant and irritating pain from a back injury.  During all of my years of work and rough sports, I had accumulated some chronically painful injuries, including a spinal disc injury.  I also had a tropical virus recently which caused me to be ill for 15 months.  I had been finding it increasingly difficult to exercise because of pain and lack of energy to work out.  Since I started using Collastin, RiSoTriene, and the parasite cleaning system, I have had a major increase in energy, a more youthful feeling of well-being, and nearly total relief from the lower back and leg pain I had been experiencing for nearly 15 years because of my back injury.
     I have noticed a marked change in the appearance of my skin all over my body, including my face (which was rather lined from years of work and sports in the sun), which I believe makes me look years younger.  Not only does my skin look better, but also it feels softer and more elastic than it has in years.  My whole body feels more flexible.
     As an experienced and lifetime dedicated athlete, I was prepared to continue my sports activities as long as I could, even if it hurt.  With these products, I believe that not only will I be able to continue much longer, but with a lot more energy, endurance and ease than I had thought possible just a few months ago." - B. Switzer
    "For the last 14 years, my mother, who is 86 years old, had been injecting insulin for diabetes and had taken up to seven types of pills and capsules for high blood pressure, excess water in her system, weak heart, cardiovascular problems, headaches, body pains, Parkinson's disease, hemorrhoids, and frequent urinary tract infections.  She spent numerous times in the hospital during that time; and the doctors had uncovered many types of viruses that had affected her health.  During her last stay in the hospital, my mother ended up with a tube through her nose to her stomach because she was very weak from not eating.  Finally, toward the end of the 30 days, her doctor told me that my mother's system was shutting down.  Not even the potassium through the IV's was doing any good.  Since she previously advised me that she did not want any life support, the doctor told me I could put her in a nursing home or take her home to die.  She wanted to go home and die.  When I took her home, the doctor did not want the catheter removed because she was unable to urinate on her own.
    To make the story short, I got Mom on RiSoTriene as son as I got it and within a week, the catheter was removed and she was all off medication except for her nitroglycerin patch, which the doctor wants her to continue using.  Her blood sugar, blood pressure, body temperature, and pulse rate remain normal to this date.  She is very alert and in excellent spirits and full of life.  She no longer wears diapers, has normal bowel movements, no problem urinating, and has regained her walking abilities with her walker.  She still has a little trembling in her hands due to Parkinson's disease, but she is 90% better.  She gets outside to water her plants and has even gone grocery shopping.  Her doctor was amazed when he saw her.  Mom jokes with people who come to see her (they had seen her before).  She tells them that she suffered from so many problems for over 18 years and went from death to life, thanks to her son and thanks to God and RiSoTriene who are all responsible for the miraculous recovery." - J. Arambula
    "Nine weeks after I went off a drug the doctor had given me and I began taking RiSoTriene, I had my Hemoglobin AIC-G count taken again.  The count was down to 6.1 and the doctor was astounded!  He couldn't believe I was able to get it down to normal without the Glucotrol.
    At the time I started taking RiSoTriene, I was also on a pain pill with codeine for my legs which hurt badly.  Since I have been taking the RiSoTriene, I have been able to get off that drug as well, and I am now drug free - except for an aspirin now and then.
    There were other benefits too.  I am a lot more relaxed and feel good about myself, and I also have a lot more energy.  My wife says that I am not as shaky as I used to be, and other people are saying that I sound different, that I am talking much clearer.  I am feeling much stronger physically." - R. Tesch
     "I had a heart attack and triple-bypass surgery seven years ago.  After the surgery I felt great, but when I went to the doctor two and a half years ago, he told me that two of my bypasses had deteriorated.  So I had three shunts put in.
     When I went back last fall, the doctor said one of the shunts was blocked off, and I had four one-hundred-percent blockages on my left side.  He told me I was a candidate for a heart transplant.
     A friend of mine had given me a sample of RiSoTriene and an information tape.  It took me a week to listen to the tape, but as soon as I did, I began taking RiSoTriene.  My energy level increased immediately.
     Ever since I've been taking it twice a day, and I love it - I feel great.  The doctor tells me my heart shouldn't even be beating, but it beats perfectly.  I give credit to the Lord for this miracle, but I'm grateful for RiSoTriene.  I'll keep taking it faithfully - I love how it gives me greater energy." - D. Shelton
    "Ever since grade school, I have had a problem with severe headaches.  They would occur two to three times a week and last an entire day at a time.  I took everything I knew of - both over-the-counter and prescription drugs - but nothing seemed to work.  Then during high school I was told that I had the early signs of hypoglycemia and would need to watch my diet.  The older I got, the worse my symptoms became - they were usually triggered by caffeine or too many carbohydrates.
    I started taking RiSoTriene when it first came out on the market.  Within an hour I noticed a difference in how I felt.  Gradually the intensity and duration of my headaches have decreased, and my blood sugar levels have stabilized.
    Before trying RiSoTriene, I was having a hard time building muscle when I worked out.  Now I take RiSoTriene with me when I exercise and I have already noticed considerable improvement in my overall tone and definition.  It has even made a difference in my strength and I don't even have any more huffing and puffing when I run.
    I used to drink a pot of coffee per day, and I could eat a whole bag of chocolate candy in one sitting.  Now I take four or five spoonfuls of RiSoTriene daily and both cravings have gone away.  What's more, it provides a real boost in energy - but it's a natural type of high.  I no longer need the boost caffeine used to give me.  I drink one cup of coffee in the morning because I enjoy it, not because I need the energy, and candy just doesn't taste as good anymore.
          RiSoTriene is incredible.  If you're not taking it, you should be." - M. Harper
     "I used to be dizzy all the time, and I didn't know if it was because I was hypoglycemic or because I was going through menopause.  Sometimes the dizziness was so bad that I had to go to bed and stay for awhile.
      I also had a lot of problems with my lower back and was in constant pain - it felt like someone had stabbed me.  I had to rub liniments on my back every day, but it was still hard to turn over in bed. Because of the pain, I favored my left foot as I walked, and I developed a limp.  It was painful to sit in a car, and I couldn't pick up my grandkids.  After a couple of days on RiSoTriene, I woke up and noticed that my dizziness was gone.
     I was so excited, I stood up and bent down and then did it again - I was worried that it was just a fluke.  The dizziness had been such a big part of my life that, when it was gone, I felt like I could do more of everything.  Because of RiSoTriene, I don't have to use the back liniment anymore.  I can turn from side to side in bed without my husband's help, and the pain is no longer a problem.  I've even lost weight - I've dropped two dress sizes. RiSoTriene has given me back my life." - J. Dalfrey
     "I had pneumonia last fall and stayed in bed for two months.  I got better, but when I got up, I realized arthritis had developed in my shoulders and that I couldn't close my left hand.  It was hard to move or grip bottles or anything else.
      I wasn't even able to go outside and work in my garden because I couldn't carry my tools or lift my arms more than six inches from my sides.  I thought the pain was going to kill me.  I wasn't even going to have a garden this year because I could hardly get out of my chair.
      My wife started on RiSoTriene last November, but I didn't start taking it until December.  About a month or so later, I woke up one morning feeling no pain at all.  Now I can leave my cane in the house and do all the gardening I want - shoveling compost, planting, weeding. Even throwing trash over a seven-foot fence is no problem.  My arthritis doesn't bother me anymore, and I can jump right up from my chair." - J. Ferguson
     "I've had multiple sclerosis (MS) for nine years, which makes even normal activities of life tough.  I would catch every virus that came around, and I felt a lot older than I am because I was always tired. The MS made me feel so lethargic, I worried that it might be carbon-monoxide poisoning.  And because I would drag my feet when I walked, I was always tripping and running into walls - I hated feeling like such a klutz.  I also had pretty severe premenstrual cramping and mood swings.
     I began using RiSoTriene about four weeks ago, and the difference it's made in the way I feel is amazing. The everyday things in my life don't weigh me down as much, and I'm able to play with my kids and clean my kitchen without having to sit down and rest.  Not only has my energy increased, but I can think more clearly. 
     About two weeks after I began taking RiSoTriene, my period started on schedule.  I didn't have any of the usual cramps and mood swings.
     Getting the right nutrition is very important in treating MS, and now that I've found this product, I can tell my body is working much better. I've tried other herbs and natural products over the last twelve years and gotten only marginal results.  But RiSoTriene has really made a big difference.  I'm very impressed with it." - K. LaBrenz
    "I have an eighty-two-year-old father whose health has been really poor.  He's had congestive heart failure, so he hadn't been eating much - he lost a lot of weight.  My sister and I had to think about the possibility that he wouldn't be around much longer.  We even wondered if we should start making plans.
I've tried to help my father for years by sending him things I thought could help his various conditions, but he refused to take them.  I guess he never thought any of it helped him.  But one day I called him, and his wife told me he'd been taking RiSoTriene and love it.  He started with just a teaspoon twice a day, but he felt so much better that he decided to take a teaspoon every few hours.
   In just a few days he seemed like a different person - his energy was up, he was eating more than ever before, and even his voice was stringer.  The best part is that he and his wife can go out and do things again. RiSoTriene has taken him from death's door and made him a whole new person." - L. Barnard
    "About fifteen years ago, I found out that I was hypoglycemic.  Since then I have had severe reactions every two to three weeks.  I have also had problems with circulation so poor that my left hand would go numb.  And I couldn't walk very far because of leg cramps.
Because of the vast number of health products on the market today that don't live up to their advertising, I have shied away from trying anything.  The day I received RiSoTriene, I was having a hypoglycemic attack.  When I tried some, it took only a few minutes to take effect - I felt like a million dollars! Now I take RiSoTriene two or three times a day, and the difference in how I feel is like black and white.  The reactions are gone, I have a lot more energy, and my circulation has improved. The numbness in my hands has almost disappeared, and I can walk easily.  I even sleep better at night.  This is the first time in my life that  have been excited about a health product.  I want to tell everyone about RiSoTriene." - R. Hanaman
     "I went to the doctor a year and a half ago and was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.  I was having tremors in my arms and I would stumble and trip over my own feet.  At the senior-citizen center, I had to lean on furniture to steady myself.
     A friend told me about RiSoTriene because it had helped her and her husband so much with all their health problems. When they told me what a difference it had made in their lives, I decided to give it a try.    
     After only eleven days of taking RiSoTriene, I got up and walked into the kitchen without a bobble.  I was so surprised, I could have fallen to my knees right then, but I didn't have enough faith to think I could get up again. RiSoTriene has helped me so much, now I have only an occasional tremor, and can walk anywhere I want." - R. Floyd
Dick Shelton was able to avoid a heart transplant after a triple bypass operation failed.  He credits the difference to RiSoTriene.
Since childhood, Marc Harper has had severe headaches which were not alleviated by the many prescription and over-the-counter drugs he tried.  The headaches were diagnosed as being related to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  RiSoTriene has gradually reduced the intensity and duration of his headaches.  Marc has also noticed increased muscle tone and definition, and reduced food cravings.
RiSoTriene has helped Jeanette Dalfrey recover from dizziness that was so severe that she sometimes had to stay in bed.  She noticed a dramatic difference within only a few days.  RiSoTriene also helped relieve her severe back pain.  As if that weren't enough, it also helped her with weight loss - she dropped two dress sizes.
Ruby Ferguson, a diabetic, had dangerously high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which dropped considerably after about 1 1/2 months.  In addition, the product helps her blood sugar levels stay stable.
Jim Ferguson went from having painful and disabling arthritis to being nearly pain-free with much greater mobility "about a month or so" after starting RiSoTriene.
Karen LaBrenz has had multiple sclerosis (MS) for nine years, including symptoms of clumsiness, fatigue, PMS, and menstrual cramping.  After two to four weeks on RiSoTriene, her body was "working much better" and her energy and mental clarity had increased.
Leigh Barnard's 82-year-old father had congestive heart failure.  Within a few days of taking one teaspoon of RiSoTriene every few hours, his energy and appetite had increased and "even his voice was stronger."
Richard Hanaman had severe hypoglycemic symptoms as well as circulatory problems that caused numbness in his left hand.  He took RiSoTriene during a severe hypoglycemic attack, and symptoms abated within minutes.  His hand numbness is now almost gone, and he sleeps better at night.
Rachel Floyd has Parkinson's disease with accompanying tremors and stumbling.  She was much steadier after only 11 days on RiSoTriene.
Jennifer Dutcher was diagnosed with an advanced liver disease, primary biliary cirrhosis, after suffering with weeks of abdominal pain.  Two days after starting RiSoTriene, she was able to sleep soundly for the first time in months.  Her urine and eyes are showing less signs of jaundice and her skin itching (caused by excretion of bile crystals) has subsided.  Her doctor says her liver may be functioning as well as it has in years.
Karen Jozwiak had hypoglycemia and low energy.  After using RiSoTriene for only two weeks, her energy level was greatly improved.  She says, "My whole outlook on life and my sense of self has changed."  She has also noticed that she no longer needs antacids, no longer has bad breath in the morning, and has lost her mid-night sugar cravings.
**Personal experiences on file.

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