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 Cleanzyme™ is a gentle, but powerfully effective nutritional supplement that has the capabilities of functioning as both a digestive aid, probiotic and a liver support to aid internal cleansing.

Digestive Aid – Comprehensive Enzyme Formulation

     You are what you eat has probably become one of the more common words of wisdom when speaking of our foods and proper nutrition.  This statement is truly quite simplistic and, in fact, not entirely true.  Obviously the quality of the foods that we eat plays a critical role in helping to create and sustain health.  But there’s more to it!  It’s not only what we eat that makes us what we are, but what nutrients eventually end up in our bloodstream in a usable form.  The key here is a usable form.  Partially digested foods that often end up in our bloodstream, as a result of inadequate digestion, cannot be used for creating energy, supporting cellular function, or building tissues, and have been implicated in many disease processes.  With advancing years, failing health, poor nutrition, and environmental stressors, our body’s enzymes are quickly depleted or lose their ability to function.  And our methods of over-cooking and highly processing our foods destroy the naturally occurring enzymes found in raw foods.  In other words, our bodies are attempting to function at optimal levels with sub-optimal levels of critically necessary digestive and systemic enzymes.  Research suggests that everyone, regardless of age, should supplement the enzymes lost in cooked and processed food.

     Healthcare providers who understand the importance of proper digestion will always recommend digestive enzyme therapy.  Enzyme therapy has become quite a science over the past 60 years.  Unfortunately, however, there remains quite a bit of ignorance in regard to enzymes and their effective pH ranges (acid / alkali), optimal pH, activation temperatures, and levels of enzyme activity.  For this reason, Integris has partnered with the leading enzyme formulation company in the U.S., National Enzyme Company (NEC).  NEC has created an extremely comprehensive enzyme formulation exclusively for Integris.  This entirely unique enzyme formula is a comprehensive blend of seventeen very different enzymes specific to varying pH’s, temperatures, substrates, and levels of activity, making it the most effective digestive and enzyme-cleansing product available today.

     To get a feeling of the depth that enzyme deficiencies can reach, and the breadth of conditions that can develop as a result, we’ve listed a few health conditions related to specific and multiple enzyme deficiencies.


Amylase Deficiency                               Protease                                 Lipase

Skin rashes                                           High blood pressure               Arthritis

Depression                                            Insomnia                                 Gallstones

Mood swings                                         Parasites                                 Hay fever

Allergies                                               Gum disorders                         PMS          

Prostate problems                                Gingivitis                                  Psoriasis

Hot flashes                                           Back Weakness                        Acne

Fatigue                                                 Fungal forms                             Aching feet

Cold hands and feet                              Constipation                             Urinary weakness

Hypoglycemia                                       Hearing problems                     Bladder


Combination Deficiency

Diverticulitis                                          Irritable bowel syndrome

Chronic fatigue                                      Chronic allergies

Depressed immune system conditions

Chronic sinus infections                                  Frequent colds


Intestinal Cleanser

     Partially digested protein accumulates on the inside of the intestines and putrefies, partially digested carbohydrates ferment, and partially digested fats turn rancid.  It’s not too difficult to imagine the combined effects of putrefaction, fermentation, and rancid fats within the body.  Cleanzyme™ will help rid the body of the toxic accumulation of undigested food, as well as supporting the body in the elimination of waste products of normal body metabolism and environmental toxins.  Cleanzyme™ will also cleanse the bowel of putrefying bacteria, parasites, and yeast growths, which flourish when improperly digested proteins and sugars accumulate within the bowel.

Blood Cleanser and Builder

     Keeping the blood free of the accumulation of internal and external, or environmental, toxins is a critical part of the elimination process.  It is vital that impurities found in the blood and the body’s detoxification, or cleansing, organs continually filter out the impurities found in our food, water, and air supply.  The primary cleansing organ is our liver.  Phytochemicals found in Cleanzyme™ have been researched and found to support the liver’s ability to breakdown and eliminate these poisons.

    It has been noted by researchers and healthcare providers that when incompletely digested foods and food toxins enter the bloodstream, the body mounts an immune response and increases the production of white blood cells.  This condition is often referred to as digestive leukocytosis.  Whenever white blood cells are produced as a result of insufficient enzymes, it can tax the body’s immune system to the point where eventually the body may have difficulty defending itself.  Cleanzyme™ will help to relieve the stress on and support the normalization of our immune system.


Symptoms related to accumulation of environmental and internal toxins include:

·         Headaches                                           Muscle pain

·         Fatigue                                                 Mental confusion

·         Emotional upset                                     Poor coordination

·         Skin rashes                                       Neurological problems

·         Visual disturbances                             Memory loss

·         “Flu-like” symptoms                                Mucous membrane irritation

·         Gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea


Anti-oxidant and Cell Builder

     Cleanzyme™ contains a rich source of plant nutrients known as flavonoids, which function as anti-oxidants for protection against cellular damage.  These same flavonoids promote the binding of protein links within cell membranes to decrease inflammation and support healing processes.  They also normalize the cell membrane permeability allowing oxygen, glucose, and important nutrients to enter the cell while allowing carbon dioxide and cellular wastes to exit.  These cellular wastes, along with toxins that enter the body through our digestive tract, are then transported to the liver. 

     The liver is responsible for breaking down these chemicals into water-soluble, harmless waste materials that are then transported to the kidneys or into the bile to be released into the small intestines.  Oftentimes, the liver is either over-loaded with toxic substances or is genetically predisposed to having difficulties completely breaking down these potentially dangerous substances.  In cases such as the above, these toxins are only partially broken down and they become even more dangerous substances and function as powerful free radicals, which eventually do further damage throughout the body.  Cleanzyme™ contains well-researched plant nutrients that function as powerful anti-oxidants to help reduce the damage of these partially-broken down toxins, as well as nutrients which on a daily basis help support the liver in gently, but completely ridding the body of these disease-causing poisons.   

Intestinal Flora

Cleanzyme™ contains the powerful friendly bacteria Lactobacillus sporogenes.  The Lactobacillus is grown inside the sporogenes which will protect the bacteria from gastric acids and unlike most probiotics it will allow ingesting before meals.

Supplement Facts

Artichoke/Sarsaparilla             600 mg              

Lactobacillus sporogenes        750 million CFU

Enzyme Blend                         105.5 mg

Protease                                  10,000 HUT

Amylase                                  1500 DU

Malt Diastase                          250 DP

CereCalaseTM                         175 MU

Invertase                                 85 SU

Glucoumlase                            3.2 AGU

Alpha-galactosidase                70 GalU

Bromelain                                150,000 FCCPU

Lipase AN                               100 FCCLU

Orotease 3.0                             5 SAPU

Proteae 6.0 (conc.)                   2000 HUT

Peptidase                                 1000 HUT

Cellulase                                  250 CU

Lactase                                     250 ALU

Papain (sulfite-free)                  80,000 FCCPU

Myrr (Commiphora)                 150mg

Gentian (Gentiana lutea)          200 mg


Adults should consume one - two capsules  with meals, with an eight ounce glass of water.

Since we are not a mail order house all taxes are applicable per each State requirement.  If you have any general or billing questions, you can email us at:  or call (800) 735-4844

Preferred Customer Cost: $32.00 per bottle (120 capsules)


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